Green Life Pest Control - A Brief

Green Life Pest Control Services is a leading provider of sustainable solutions for the prevention, elimination and control of pests. The company offers effective and innovative pest management solutions and strategies based on a process of research and development for the protection and safeguard of equity. Born out of a desire for the creation of healthy ecosystems at home, work-place and industries, the Company’s quest is always for green solutions that are environment friendly and non-detrimental to human health and animals. A decade long expertise in Pest Control and Management makes the Company the obvious choice of many.


Ably supporting the company in its Mission & Vision is a handpicked team of Field Staff, Supervisors and Entomologists. Adequate training on Safety and Technical expertise is imparted to the Field Staff for enhanced and effective performance. The team works in close association with the entomologists to reach a consensus on the most conducive and practical line of action to effectively meet Client requirements. Periodic reviews of established processes and performance assessments ensure consistency in quality and delivery.


Green Life Pest Control Services envisions for itself a simple but profound vision – “To be the natural, most preferred and biggest service provider in Pest Control by the year 2020


Green Life Pest Control Services embarks on a noble mission of providing Pest and Dust Free environment by judiciously harnessing the advancements in technology and entomology for the greater benefit of humanity and industries.

Protection from Green Life Pest Control Services

You've had pests invade the comfort of your home, and that isn't right.
Complete Inspection

We inspect your home to determine your precise needs.

Arrow Warranty

We give Warranty every aspect of our service. If any concerns arise between services, we’ll gladly come back out and take care of you.

Foundation Barrier

A barrier is applied to prevent insects from nesting or entering your home.

Professional-proven Products

We use the best products available, allowing you to be in your home during the service.

Landscape Barriers

We treat all of your landscape transition areas where pests are commonly found.

Same-Day Service

Get service when you need it. No more waiting days to get what you need now. 90% of our customers are serviced the same day they order.